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Nutritious. Delicious. Nothing Suspicious.


Hi, I'm Gianna!

I am passionate about spreading health and happiness -- two things everyone wants and deserves. Making and sharing Nutritiously Delicious creations, along with delivering over 700 weekly boxes of local produce through Ooooby (Out of Our Own Backyards) is what I'm happy to spend most of my days doing. My packaged 'Nolas can be found on the shelves of a few local markets and coffee shops and I'm proud to share a snack/breakfast topper that is made from simple, wholesome, feel-good ingredients.


The 'Nola

Who doesn’t love loading up smoothie bowls, chia bowls, and parfaits with lots of toppings. Homemade granola has always been a pantry staple of mine. The past few years, I’ve loved giving away my granola as gifts to friends and fam during the holidays. I decided sharing this granola with more than just myself and a few others during special occasions would be pretty awesome—and it definitely has been! The 'Nola Mix is like a cross between a Granola and Trail Mix, tossed with golden raisins and yogurt chips. The Naked 'Nola is a lightly sweetened blend of baked rolled oats and a variety of nuts. The Nutless ‘Nola is a simple vegan, seedy blend of lightly and naturally sweetened rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseeds. I hope you love sprinkling my 'Nola on your smoothies, parfaits, and by the handful as much as I do!

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