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“Nutritiously Delicious’s Nutless Nola is my favorite go to snack! I put it on top of anything and everything from sprinkled in my salad to the tops of my yogurt but more often then not I will just eat a handful straight from the bag! It’s absolutely addicting, but that’s ok because it’s such a great price I  don’t mind buying more after I’ve gobbled up the whole bag!” - Vanessa 


“In the past year, I have had to modify my diet to a low oxalate diet. Unfortunately, I had step away from one of my go to snacks of granola due to the NUTS being high in oxalates. Trying to find granola without nuts is not an easy task. When Nutritiously Delicious came out with the “Nut less” granola I was soooo excited. I love the granola with nuts and find she has been able retain the wonderful taste and textures in the “Nutless” granola. I now have my go to snack back on the menu.” - Frances L.


“I am a HUGE fan of this Granola! If I could get a gallon of it I would! The crunch of the granola, the sweet golden raisins, not to mention the smooth melt in your mouth yogurt chips(my favorite part) it is the best snack!! You can use it as a topping on just about anything (acai bowls, oatmeal, smoothies etc.) but I personally eat it straight out of the bag because it’s complete all on its own” - Evetta M. 




Saturday, June 15th

Backyard Movie Night, Parfait Bar, Grazing Table, Braid Bar, Headshot Booth, Empower Hour, and more!

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 Find me making vibrant creations (usually topped with ‘Nola) at @nutritiouslydelicious_